July 4, 2011

Your Patriotic Duty

The USA is not just about the wonderfully diverse human beings that live here.

It is also about the wonderfully diverse wildlife that lives here, including our national symbol, seen here in all its glorious wildness at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

photo copyright 2010 Susan Faye

The USA is also about the wonderfully diverse landscapes, wilderness, and vistas that stretch from sea to shining sea. If you've ever visited any of our National Parks, you know what I mean.

So I believe it is the patriotic duty of the wonderfully diverse human beings to make sure that the wonderfully diverse wildlife and the wonderfully diverse vistas are preserved, protected, and enjoyed. Two ways to make those things happen are to lend support to organizations such as The Nature Conservancy or The National Wildlife Federation, or better yet, volunteer your time and your talents! Your grandchildren's grandchildren will thank you.

Now let the fireworks begin!


CrafterGin said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Susan Faye said...

Thanks CrafterGin! You can probably guess that "America The Beautiful" is one of my favorite songs...

Chrissykat said...

I wish more people thought that way. And it truly is out duty if we want to preserve life as we know it. A very happy 4th of July to you. It's my birthday today so it's a happy 4th over here!

Susan Faye said...

Happy Happy Birthday Chrissykat! Hope you day is filled with sweet things and kitties! :-)