July 17, 2011

Check Out My Brand New Tutorial Over At Someday Crafts

I'm very excited today to be a guest blogger at Someday Crafts! Click here for my tutorial about how I make my Desktop Dioramas. Crafty Mom Michelle is the head blogger at Someday Crafts and created this very popular blog as a way to highlight and catalog creative and crafty ideas for herself and for others to create... someday (we all have those someday lists, don't we?).

A big thank you to Michelle for this opportunity to share one of my favorite projects with my fellow artsy-crafty types. Enjoy!


Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Thanks for posting this and for guest posting your great idea at my site. I appreciate you!

Susan Faye said...

It was my pleasure Michelle!

Phil said...

That stuff is great, so often I look at crafted items and think "I'm not going to walk down the street with that..." but they would make superb gifts...do you sell them on Ebay or something? :)

Susan Faye said...

Thanks Phil--I sell my art on Etsy at http://www.susanfaye.etsy.com