June 11, 2011

A Catnip Bar With a Good Cause...

Buttonwillow hopes her fellow felines will feast their eyes AND their noses on this beautiful new handcrafted catnip bar made by Cat Lady Dorothy of TheDots on Etsy.com.

Dorothy chose a Susan Faye fabric from Spoonflower.com to create this colorful catnip confection that measures
5 1/4 inches long x 2 1/4 inches wide. It is stuffed with a potent amount of catnip leaves, which have been cut and sifted to remove small particles (stems and dust.)
Click on the image for purchase information

With each purchase, Dorothy donates a portion of the proceeds to her favorite pet causes, including:

The Milo Foundation (animal rescue)
The Acme Foundation (helping seriously ill cats and dogs belonging to the elderly and disabled)

Be sure to check out Dorothy's Etsy shop where you will find photos of her formerly-feral-rescued cats: Corm, Stig, Sox and Travis. Dorothy says, "Each cat has given their 'Drool of Approval' (but not on the toy I send you, of course!)"


Susan said...

Those toys are gorgeous--almost too beautiful to let a cat lick. She should sell them in pairs--one with catnip for the cat, and one with lavender for the pet parent, LOL.

Susan Faye said...

Excellent idea! Yes, the fabrics that she uses make ME drool!

aquariann said...

Super cute! ^.^