May 3, 2011

One Happy Customer Hits the 'Nip

Thank you to Cat Lady Lisa for sharing this product testimonial from ginger kitty Soma, an 8-year-old rescued alley cat from New Jersey.

Catnip is a matter of personal taste and not the indulgence of choice for every cat, however. Lisa explains: "
Soma has a brother who is almost identical to him, but you don't see Ravi in the video because he doesn't seem to notice catnip."

Soma and Ravi share their home in Indiana with Stella, a five-year-old rescue bunny. Stella is a Harlequin Rabbit-- a tricolor bunny with a particular set of markings. "Since all three of them are mostly orange and white, I like to say we have a color scheme!"

Check out Lisa's fun blog:
Happiest Vegan Alive
Each day Lisa shares a really great reason to consider a vegan lifestyle. Not ready to take the plunge yet? How about taking baby steps? Consider eating less meat or giving it up for one day a week. Although I still eat an occasional egg or dairy product, I weaned myself off of meat four years ago and I'm healthier and happier for it! I'm also convinced it's healthier for the planet, too.

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Annuk said...

Oh Soma looks VERY happy with his catnip toy! And I bet his Cat Lady is too :)!
Thank you for the lovely veggie advice, I stopped eating meat about 8 years ago and I'm very happy with my choice! I'm going to check Lisa's blog now! Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Susan! It's Anna--- the winner of the giveaway. Did you get my email? I tried writing to the email on your site but never heard back from you. If you didn't get it you can just email me at abh2786 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!!!

Susan Faye said...

Hi Anna-- I am so sorry for the oversight-- I was certain that I had answered your email yesterday, but it appears I did not. I've sent a message directly to your original email just now--this time I'm sure! LOL