March 6, 2011

Buttonwillow gets a Little Brother

Buttonwillow has been asking for a little brother for a long time.So look what the stork dropped off in my P.O. box on Friday: A Little Brother! (okay, it didn't quite fit into the P.O box and they had it waiting for me behind the counter...)

I saw it on the internet, and the box said ADVANCED and COMPUTERIZED and AFFORDABLE, so how could I resist? After a little research, I found the best price on Amazon of all places-- it was orig. $449, now $169 with free shipping. I clicked a few buttons and in two days (can you believe it--TWO DAYS) it was at the post office waiting for me. What a world!

Now the hard part: teaching an old dog new tricks.

For someone who learned to sew Barbie clothes on an old treadle sewing machine with 3 stitches (forward, backward, and zigzag), this new-fangled-highfalutin machine--with its led display, the large instruction book with endless overly-simplified diagrams, and the alien hieroglyphics on its side-- was a bit daunting.

But like a bulldog I persisted, and after an exhausting hour or so got the bobbin filled, threaded the machine, and worked my way through some of the buttons and gizmos. Ta-DA!

Just look at these FANCY stitches that my new COMPUTERIZED Brother CS 6000-i (sounds a lot like a robot, doesn't it? ) can do!! I feel just like Jane Jetson.

Buttonwillow is not impressed or amused . She's going to take her request to Santa and ask for a real little brother next time she gets a chance.

1 comment:

ANGIE said...

So funny! I hope to read more about your little Brother machine. I've wanted to buy one but I'm also afraid of these new gadgets. So far it looks good!

Do you think Buttonwillow will settle for THIS brother?