March 16, 2011

And The Winner Is...

Garden Fairy Ellette is so pleased! Thanks to your wonderful suggestions and your votes, her new kitten now has a name: Faerydae.

It was suggested by Chrissykat who said: I think this new kitty should be called "Faerydae." Which means "dark child, a gift from the fairies." And we all know that kitties are gifts we're so very lucky to have. >^..^<

Everyone who suggested a name in the original post was entered into the drawing as was everyone who voted on the final 10 names and left a comment on the second post. If you did both, your name was entered twice!

The lucky winner is Cat Lady Sharon (aka Fuzz) from the United Kingdom. She says "I got my nickname Fuzz at school - my hair was frizzy and it didn't help that my Mum would cut it without wearing her glasses! I love cats and I'm a frustrated artist - I'm a 'colour junkie'."

Sharon will receive a special 10-inch Ellette Garden Fairy doll (as seen in my Etsy shop) that includes her tiny book, a bouquet, and BOTH the bunny and the kitten!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated and for all of the wonderful and creative kitten names!


Annuk said...

Oh I love the name Faerydae! And now that I know its meaning I love it even more :)!
Congratulations to Sharon, you lucky lady!

Chrissykat said...

Congrats Sharon! And thank you everyone for chosing my name!