February 8, 2011

My Baby Sister

Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister,
Carol Mai!!

There seems to be a mistake, however. I got a notice from Facebook that my baby sister is turning 53 today. I believe that must be some sort of typo. Perhaps they meant 35. That seems about right. She is my BABY sister, after all.

Carol and I have shared many things over the years, including a love for cats and dogs, art and watercolor painting, vintage collectibles and antiques.

I spent most of the sixties envying her long, straight blonde hair, until wavy brown hair finally made a comeback at some point in the seventies. We shared many cats in our youth, including Brat Cat, a big white lovable boycat who had a knack for getting into trouble and had a heck of a time staying white...

If you enjoy treasure hunting, drop by my sis's Etsy shop: Carol Mai's Vintage Delights. Be sure to take a look at her banner and you'll get a peek at one of her beautiful floral watercolor paintings!

In the mean time, I need to drop Facebook a line and tell them to get their ages straight....No baby sister of mine could possibly be that VINTAGE yet!


Linda B said...

Surely, they have transposed the numbers.

Hope you celebrate together.

Alisa Steady said...

I have a baby sister too, and seem to be having the same problem! She's only fifteen...since 1990. C'mon FB - get it right! xoxo _Alisa