February 13, 2011

Giving From the Heart, Cat Lady Style

The One World One Heart blog event will end in just a few days and 874 giveaways will end with prizes going to lucky winners all over the world. Of the hundreds of blogs I have visited, the best giveaway I've seen so far is the one offered by Cat Lady Heather on her blog Heather's Eden and is a true example of the spirit of "One World One Heart".

Heather is an active participant in Kiva, which allows everyday folks to make micro-loans to entrepreneurs around the world to give them a shot at bettering their own lives. You loan as little as $25 to an individual that you select, who uses that money to expand their businesses or begin a new business. Heather is currently loaning money to a woman selling cosmetics in Bolivia, a Bolivian man trying to fix up his home, a woman who sells in the food market in South Sudan and an electrician in Ecuador.

For Heather's OWOH giveaway, she will buy a $25 virtual gift card to Kiva for the winner to loan out to help someone else. To enter this generous giveaway, visit Heather's OWOH blog post before February 17.

Thanks for visiting!

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aliceinparis said...

Kiva! Fantastic idea. I've been a loaner there for ages. So gratifying. Thanks for popping by my OwOh post!