January 5, 2011

Another Happy Christmas Surprise

Thank you to Cat Lady Mia for sending in this photo of a Happy Christmas surprise that I had the privilege of collaborating on. The surprise was for Feline Fella Les who is 6'4" and sometimes called "Big Daddy", and involved a portrait of Les and a pretty black cat named Birdie.

On Christmas morning, there was a special letter that accompanied the gift:

Dear Big Daddy,
This year for Christmas I wanted to get you a present that would be everlasting; a little something for you to remember me by. But most of all, a way to thank you for saving me that day 11 years ago and making me part of your family. You give me love like no other, you make a nice warm bed buddy, feed me peanut butter when I give you bug eyes, and let me climb on the tippity top of your shoulders. I hope you like it, we sure look good!
your girl,

Birdie Lou

It seems that 11 years earlier Les was responsible for rescuing a little lost black cat from the golf course where he worked. "Birdie" became her new name and she soon had the special honor of being an engagement present when Les proposed to his sweetheart Mia. ("I did get a ring to go along with her," Mia adds). Birdie now shares her home with two other cats: Bogey and Tux.

Says Mia, "I am so grateful to have found a loving husband who happens to also love cats, and I enjoy our life with all three cats in it. Birdie is our first one so I think she will always hold that special place. ... I can only hope she stays around for many more years.

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Repositório said...

Own! So sweet!!!!!!
Love your draws!!!!

Deb said...

That's a great story. I love to hear about men who love cats.
When you have a spot for a new order please let me know. I would love to have a keep-sake of my cat-sitting service. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Anonymous said...

Les happens to be my brother-in-law and I can vouch for how sweet of a guy he is. Although, I MUST say, Birdie is NOT the sweetest cat around! Fabulous picture of the two of them! Bridget

Alicia said...