November 11, 2010

Cat Lady Spotlight...Roscoe's Mom

Meet Cat Lady Nancy-- photographer, collage artist, animal lover, and one of the newest members of the Card-Carrying Crazy Cat Lady Club. Her fabulous feline Roscoe will be turning 23 years old next month.

She holds Roscoe responsible for turning her into acrazy cat lady and tells us that he was the inspiration for creating her first pet collage. Nancy tells us a little more about Roscoe:

"I rescued Roscoe from a home in Detroit (my birthplace) when his owners got a hunting dog and banished him to the basement. Just like me, he was lucky enough to wind up in Chicago, where he initially spent time perched in a window 24 floors up with a beautiful view of the city. He now lives in a condo on Chicago’s lakefront, where he can enjoy sitting on a balcony that overlooks Lake Michigan.

"People are usually shocked when I tell them how old he is... He’s still going strong and doesn’t look a day over 19!! Actually, since he’s a Persian cat and has a round face, he still looks kind of kittenish. He does have kidney disease (so, don’t despair if your senior cat is diagnosed – they can last for quite a while).He gets infusions every other day, as well as various meds, one to stimulate his appetite. He’s pretty much the same as he ever was, though skinnier with less fur. He remains beautiful and his big eyes are still golden and clear.He still likes to sprawl on my husband’s keyboard (when he’s trying to work, of course). He still meows for us to put ice in his drinking water. Unfortunately, he continues to refuse to be a lap cat, something we always joked would change when he grew old and tired.

"Here’s to my beloved Roscoe – longer may he live!!!"

Check out Nancy's fun and exotic pet photo collages in her Etsy shop Pet Collage Paradise (she will even create custom collages featuring your own pet)! The photographic elements in her work are hand cut and pasted. She incorporates words, found objects, specialty papers, feathers, fabric, silk flowers, beads, and gemstones into her creations.

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Cat said...

What a great spotlight on Roscoe and his mum. He sounds like an amazing kitty and I am thrilled to hear that at almost 23 he is still going strong!!!

Hey Roscoe, we wish you many more happy years :-)

Toyin O. said...

Roscoe is adorable.