September 6, 2010

Summer Friends

It's back-to-school time already?! Although Paddy is looking forward to resuming his very important job at the Pacelli High School Library, there are still 15 official days of summer left on the calendar!

Hi everybody! Summer is all about new adventures and making new friends from faraway places. Here are some photos that my Cat Lady took of me and my housemates and two new friends that we met this summer.

The first new friend is a funny little feline named Breezy who came all the way from Oregon to visit. She smells very pretty, like a summer garden, but she tickles my nose...

Me and Breezy

Chessie and Breezy

Tillamook and Breezy

Scotty and Breezy

The last picture is of a very special and mysterious kitten who came to visit at the beginning of summer and still has not left yet:

Look at those fancy stripes! Or are they spots? His name is AleXander. Can you guess what kind of kitten he is? I'll tell you more about him soon...

See you back at school!

Editor's note: Do you have any photos of you or your pets enjoying something you have received from my Etsy or Cafepress online shops? I'd love to see them, and with your permission, post them here on my blog! Send them to my email: art [at]

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