August 5, 2010

Scotty's Big Rescue... Part 3

Last week Paddy the Library cat told us a little more about his rescued friend Scotty . Today Paddy tells us a little more about Scotty's special heritage:

Scotty Burns (That’s his fancy name!) is a Scottish Fold cat.

These are special cats with big, round, “owl” eyes. Some of them have ears folded forward and some have straight ears but they all have the traits of the Scottish Fold: mellow and loving with a sweet, wide-eyed expression.

All Scottish Fold cats trace their ancestry back to Susie, a white, folded-ear cat found in 1961 on Mr. Ross’s farm in Scotland. These cats with folded ears must be bred to a straight ear Scottish Fold.Because the folded ear is desirable to more people, a non-reputable breeder will breed two “Folds” together.This can create hardened cartilage and result in a stiff tail and arthritis-like symptoms throughout the body that shorten life and cause constant pain.We have, at our house, another Scottish Fold rescue that suffers from this condition.I will tell you about our Robert Burns [Robbie] sometime!

Scotty and Robbie sense a kinship, and we can often find Scotty sitting or sleeping near Robbie who is getting old and doesn’t feel well [pictured here].

I have been enjoying again some books by Peter Gethers about his Scottish Fold cat, Norton.You might like them too: The Cat Who Went To Paris, A Cat Abroad, and The Cat Who’ll Live Forever. True stories and so much fun to read!

So, that is some of what I’ve been thinking about this summer. Hope you are having some summer fun too!

Paddy The Library Cat is a featured columnist here at 365 Cat Ladies and Friends. He is the Library Cat at Pacelli High School in Wisconsin. You may leave messages for him in the Comments section below this post. Thanks for visiting!

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Real cute post. Paddy is so cute with the glasses.

I had heard something about the breeding of the Scottish Folds probably on Animal Planet. Doesn't it break your heart to know your pet is hurting? I'd love to hear more about your Robbie. The books sound interesting just by their names.