August 22, 2010

Go Green Garden Cat Giveaway Ends Tonight

There is still time to enter the Go Green Garden Cat Giveaway if you haven't already. It ends tonight at 11 p.m. PST.

Enter for a chance to win one of THREE prizes in the August giveaway: your choice of a Garden Cat Print from my Etsy shop (or your choice of any other matted print in the shop of equal value [$12.50])! Just leave a comment at the end of this link: GIVEAWAY with your own favorite tip for a green garden OR tell us what your cat's favorite garden activity is.

Be sure to check out
the other great suggestions and garden cat stories while you are there. Here are a few examples:

Crazy Cat Lady Carm says: "This year we planted our little metal fire pit/container with parsley and basil--our town made it illegal to have recreational fires... Randy loves to make homemade pesto. We planted some Russian giant sunflowers- they are well over 8 feet tall. It's just so much fun and entertainment to see how big they will get! I feel like Jack and the Beanstalk!"

Cat Lady Catherine says: "I don't use any chemicals in my garden since I have rabbits and birds that always come to visit and with my cat munching on the catmint and chasing butterflies ~ I want to make sure everyone in my garden stays happy and healthy! Except the ants... I wish they would take a hike!"

Cat Lady Emily says:
"Catherine, try crushed (pulverized) eggshell for the ants! It’s a trick mom taught me... they get hurt on it and it deters them plus the plants like the nutrients."

Thanks for participating! Details for the giveaway are at this link:


Catherine said...

Hi Susan! How fun to see my comment up on your post today! I am going to have to try the suggestion of crushed egg shells for those pesky ants ~ I have a lot of them ~ so I best get 'cracking' ~ LOL ~ oh that was a very bad joke ~ ha!!

Hope you are having the loveliest of evenings!
xo Catherine

CeliaAlma said...

Hi I had a problem with ants and Want to share with The Solution, it's called in Portuguese Cravinho da India, it has littlr head and we uset in kitchen. We put some in a plate or bowl, there are people who use it to decorate orenges in christmas and so, hope could help ro understand what it is...It works completely. Kisses everyone, liove to came here, sorry my english isn´t so good....

Susan Faye said...

Thanks, CeliaAlma-- It sounds like you are talking about a spice we call "cloves" in English. I'll have to give that a try next time I have a problem with ants.

Cat said...

Hi Susan, I would love to arrange for a custom portrait of my four kitties when you are accepting orders again. Please contact me through my blog, or reply to etsy communication. Thank you :-)

Warm regards.