June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer! Giveaway Ends Tonight!

As part of the 365 Cat Ladies Get-Ready-For-Summer Giveaway, readers have been asked to share favorite way to Reduce, Re-use, or Recycle.

Everyone who shares a tip will be entered into a drawing and one name will be drawn to win their choice of one of my brand new Cat Lady beach bags!

Cat Lady Caren has a fun way to amuse her kitty: "I use empty plastic butter containers to make 'Kongs' for my cat. I cut holes at the top (carefully so they are not jagged) and I put cat treats in. Clear, plastic containers are great for this too because it drives the cat crazy seeing the treats and he has to try and get them out!"

Cat Lady Dawn shares some tips: "I reuse a lot of containers for my crochet/knitting items like pins and stitch markers. I use old socks and shirts for dusting I recycle my husbands pants into shorts or purses. My husband likes to reuse coffee grounds for the potting soil in our house plants."

Crafter Kay had lots of good tips, including these: ""I've reduced through going from store bags to fabric ones and by shopping at my local farm market, where things are not encased in plastic. Reuse is a way of life with me - I use plastic coffee can lids as paint pallets, make quick breads in (washed) tin cans, store juice and leftovers in (washed) glass jars and use all manner of reusable stuff for craft projects. (BTW, if you do ebay or etsy and need to ship fragile things, egg cartons can be fit over delicate spots for shipping, adding some additional padding and taped in place with painter's tape)."

You can read more entries at the end of this blog post: Get-Ready-For-Summer Giveaway and then be sure to add your own entry if you haven't already! Giveaway ends on the summer solstice, TONIGHT, June 21 at 8 p.m. PST. At that time, one name will be drawn at random and the winner will receive his/her choice of ONE of the Susan Faye Beach Bags pictured ($22.99 value), now available in my Cafepress Shop online.

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Anonymous said...

I choose B. No one knows the warmth,softness and the love of a cat unless they have had one. I adopted a calico cat, and quite frankly Callie is PURRRRFECT!!!!

Wendy Love Schuppan