June 2, 2010

Catnip Chronicles

There is still one day left to make your voice heard in The 365 Cat Ladies Very Scientific Poll. So far it appears that 63 percent of those responding find that catnip results in "wildly wacky tomfoolery" in kitty dearest, while only 4 percent have a cat that has no reaction to catnip whatsoever... You'll find the poll at the top of the right-hand column of this blog.

In a related story, Cat Lady Rose and her Royals were the big winners in our Catnip Toy Giveaway on Monday. Rose describes herself as the "single mother of 3 felines, Emily, Brutus and Marigold. We are Royal, and are defined by The Arts, Fine Wine, Gourmet Food, Exotic Travels and Good Company, like You, Our Loyal Subjects." Recently Brutus has been under the weather and would appreciate any well-wishing and positive healing energy that could be sent his way...

Here are Rose's kind comments about the new catnip toys: "These are the 'purrfect' size to be drooled over, as my eldest Emily is known to do! While I love the orange kitty, my favorite saying is 'kooky kitty' - simply because I can imagine myself using that phrase (tyvm, by the way!) They are all adorable!"

Thanks for participating Rose, and be sure to let me know which design you would like!

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