June 6, 2010

Cat Lady Spotlight: Be Inspired! [Part II]

Cat Lady Rose is the co-founder of Angelcat Haven in Massachusetts. Here is a look at the second of two very creative and inspiring projects that Rose and her husband undertook--hopefully they will inspire you to create some "Kitty Cities" of your own, whether for your own kitty or a whole shelter-full! She tells about the project in her own words: [all photos copyright Rose Gates/Angelcat Haven. Please ask permission if you would like to reproduce or use them in any form]

"Kitty City number two was created for Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue in Plainville, Massachusetts ...and has an undersea theme."

"Initially, it was one big room with 5 windows, but it was divided into two rooms so that there could be a quarantine area for the Leukemia-positive cats. We began by painting all the walls beige and the trim a darker beige."

"Then, two accent walls were painted aqua green. Because it's in a basement, there are 4 different levels to the floor."

"The two lower levels are cement which were painted a dark sand color. The two raised levels are wood, so they were fitted with linoleum that had a sand colored pebble pattern. The climbing shelves are all sea creatures: JAWS, Sea turtle, purple Octopus, Red Crab, Pink Jellyfish, Manatee, Dolphin and Clown fish."

"For both Kitty City constructions, my husband Ron cut pieces of plywood into 2 shapes from templates I drew on cardboard. All of the Kitty City shelf designs were based on a semi circle and a rectangle."

"He affixed them to the walls with angled metal shelf brackets from the hardware store in the location and height I specified. Then, I got to work painting the design on and around the shelf, so that the drawing was integrated with the shelf."

"If anyone would like to build one, and has any questions, I'd be happy to tell them how to do it."

"Angelcat Haven is a rescue group that Angela Frankudakis, some other friends and I formed about four years ago. As volunteers, we saw many cats being turned away from the already overcrowded city-run shelters, and decided there was a need for an additional rescue focusing on cats only. Angelcat Haven is a foster-based rescue, meaning the rescued cats live in foster homes with our volunteers until they are adopted.

Angela, the President of Angelcat Haven often takes in the overflow when we do not have foster homes available. We call her home "The Haven". The rescued cats at The Haven are allowed to free-roam indoors and are only caged if they are ill, recuperating from surgery, moms with kittens, or do not get along with other cats.

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Shaun said...

Just lovely and creative. And would be great for a two-legger's room, as well.