May 19, 2010

Love Me, Love My Cat (And My Hobbies Too!)

Cat Ladies are a passionate lot. They are passionate about their pets, their pastimes, and their loved ones. Birthday Girl Jolene is one such feline fanatic, as reported by sister-in-law Alisha:

"Cat Lady Jolene lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her two kitties and her husband. Jolene rescued her grey tabby Monka when he was found as a kitten outside the movie theater where she was working. Monka was the name she called a favorite stuffed monkey that she had as a child.

"Jolene and her husband Paul met at that same movie theater, and although he was not too thrilled about cats, Jolene made it clear--love me, love my cat. It wasn't long before Monka had won Paul over.

"Paul is a school teacher in Milwaukee, a
nd one of his students honored him by naming their cat after him. When the cat gave birth to a single kitten, the student convinced Paul that he should adopt the kitten. Jolene had been wanting a friend for Monka, so she was thrilled when Paul brought Biscuits home. Biscuits and Monka are fast friends.

"When Jolene is not busy playing with the cats, she might be spotte
d knitting, making jewelry, or working in the garden."


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