April 17, 2010

More Cat Lady Earth Day News...

An Earth Day reminder from Cat Lady Linda L: "Speaking of protecting our oceans and marine life, I'd like to remind everyone to never, EVER flush cat litter down the toilet (even if it's the "Flushable" kind). Most cats carry a parasite caused Toxoplasmosis Gondii, which is resistant to standard sewage treatment measures and when flushed will eventually enter the water supply. A couple of years ago, it was determined that about 20% of sea lion deaths could be directly related to TG poisoning. Scary, but largely preventable if we don't flush kitty litter!"

Speaking of cat litter and being earth-friendly,
Cat Lady Kate over at ModernCat is celebrating Earth Day with a giveaway featuring Close to Nature Organic Cat Litter, made with organic materials and in a biodegradable bag. Visit this giveaway link and follow the instructions to be entered for a chance to win!

Skeezix in the Spotlight: Friday night found our favorite fashionista and the Food Lady hobnobbing with cat-lovin' celebs at the“Together We Can” art gallery event in New York City hosted by Fancy Feast and Friskies. The exhibit featured a collection of art to promote the recycling of cat food cans. All of the art pieces were constructed with recycled Fancy Feast and Friskies cans! Read more about the fabulous affair here:
Friskies and Fancy Feast Promote Earth Day with Can Art where you can see the Food Lady's original art masterpiece that was in the show!!

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I've got a tip... compost your pets waste! here's a link to show you how (it's easy!)