March 29, 2010

More Cat Professions...

Meet Tommy, a Maine Coon beauty with an aptitude for hospitality and home decor. Crazy Cat Lady Carm says the proof is in the photos!

"Our blue classic tabby Maine Coon Boy Lord Thomas Milton would be a florist/gift basket designer and an oPURRa Singer too! ...That was a kitty gift basket Randy and I got when we played (flute-me and violin-him) for a relative's wedding. Tommy just loves anything with cellophane and bows... When I get flowers he is just filled with joy! I can definitely see him running a floral/gift shop by day and singing in a choir by night."

Many cat professions seem to be in the area of service to others, such as Cat Lady Amy's oldest:
"Our first cat, Casey, would be my husband's personal valet. He's a tuxedo kitty so he's already wearing the uniform. He makes sure my husband's towel is at hand when he gets out of the shower. He escorts him throughout the house, so he is always on hand if my husband has any needs. He supervises the making of Earl Grey tea every night."

On Facebook, Kristina L reports that she has a brother and sister team who provide service as--paper shredders!

Astromusette tell us: "My tuxie boy Capriccio is always the first to try to get to know any new foster kitties that come into the house - I think of him as the neighborhood greeter. So he'd be perfect as a Welcome Wagon host."

Plaka says: "My black one-eyed boy cat, Cap'n Jack, is best as a lap tester. Any time I'm sitting down, sewing, reading, computer, etc., he is right there making sure that my lap is the proper height and comfort lever. Since he was injured as a young kitty, his purr is more of a bubble so if I hear a perking sound, I know my lap is up to spec."

Be sure to read the rest of the entries in the Comments Section of the Spring Celebration Giveaway blog post! While you are there, don't forget to add your own comment to be eligible to win a custom portrait of your own kitty in his or her chosen profession ($45.00 value). There are only a few days left to enter, so don't delay!


CeliaAlma said...

Hi, we´re 3 portuguese cats who became in love with 365 Cat ladies. We´ll be back. If you have time visit us our dream is to have friens all over the World. Miaus

CeliaAlma said...

Hi Susan thank you for your visit. Cat lady in Portuguese is Senhora dos Gatos ( cat- Gato). i love your work it´s refreshing. Hugs