February 16, 2010

One World One Heart...And the Winner Is...

Congratulations to Cat Lady Debbie of South Daytona Florida! Her name was drawn out of the 346 entries I received in my One World One Heart Giveaway. She will receive this limited edition print called "Begonia Max". Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers and cat lovers from around the world who visited my website and participated in the event!!

Debbie is a freelance writer , photographer, and devoted cat lover and says:

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be the winner of your One World, One Heart Giveaway!

I have a wonderful calico cat named Neko, who is such a joyful companion. She is 9-years-old and I adopted her from the local animal shelter when she was just a kitten. It was love at first sight, but I do believe she chose me first!

I would visit her at the shelter every day after work because she was only 3 weeks old when I met her, not old enough to bring home for a few weeks. I would stay for as long as possible and play and cuddle with her. One day the shelter called and said Neko had stopped eating and was losing weight. They were so worried about her that they thought it would be best if they let me bring her home even though she was still so little. I think she missed me when I wasn't at the shelter and wanted to be with her new human friend, because as soon as I got her home she started eating like a pig!

Neko means the world to me and she is such a comfort to have around. She seems to understand that I have a hearing disability because she will come and tell me when someone is at the front door, and even lets me know when the postal carrier has dropped off the mail. She's an amazing, intelligent cat and I don't know what I'd do without her.

Thanks for visiting!

Didn't win? Don't feel bad...The Begonia Max print is currently available for sale in my Etsy Shop; it comes matted and ready to frame in a standard 16 x 20" frame.

I'm offering a 10% rebate plus FREE SHIPPING on this print until the end of the week. Just enter the code MAX in the notes to seller when checking out and the 10% discount and shipping will be refunded through Paypal.


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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Wow! what a great prize!!! I love Begonia Max, he is just beautiful. You are such a talented painter. What a sweet story about Neko, too. Congrats to Debbie.