January 21, 2010

Meet Cat Lady Marie...Crazy For Calicoes

Meet Cat Lady Marie who just happens to be the baby sister of Crazy Cat Lady Carm (aka Cat Lady No. 217), who tells her story:

"Marie has a love for calico girls! There's just something about a calico kitty's "tortitude" that really makes her smile. So whenn Marie's children Danielle and Brian wanted a pet that was more than a hamster they thought about a kitten...

"Her friend Betsy's barncat had a litter in the spring of 1998. They all fell in love with and adopted the tiny tortoiseshell calico girl they called Cali. The next spring of 1999 Momma Barncat had yet another litter which produced a dilute calico girl with white who joined the family and was named Dusty Rose."

In the mean time, sister Carm had fallen in love with the Maine Coon breed and in the fall of 2001 she took Marie along for the ride on one of her visits to Chadwickoon Maine Coon Cats. Marie saw a brown-patched-with-white mackerel tabby girl and it was love at first sight! She suggested that Eileen (the breeder) should name the kitten Marie. "On the ride home she knew she had to have her little namesake... So she adopted Chadwickoon Sweet Marie a couple months later."

Carm continues the story: "Marie still longed for a true calico Maine Coon girl and asked me to find one that was predominately white with the black and red markings. By then I had LOTS of Maine Coon PURRson friends and one of them told me about a cattery in Eastern Pennsylvania who had such a girl. Emails and telephone calls were exchanged and one weekend in October of 2003 we made our way from Buffalo (driven by Marie's feline fella Bill), NY to Boothwyn, PA, to pick up McKimmey Emily- 7 hours to get there...and 7 hours home!"

"Cali is now 11 years old. Sadly, Dusty Rose lived to be only 6 when she went to the rainbow bridge. Marie is 8 and Emily is 6. Marie and Emily are enormous (not overweight--just BIG) Maine Coon girls each tipping the scales at approximately 20 pounds. Their veterinarian and their groomer both say they have never seen such big calicoes!"

Are you Crazy about Calicoes? [I looked it up--the spelling "calicos" is also acceptable!] Tell us about your tri-color kitties in the Comments section of this post. Thanks for visiting!


a_kosmos said...

Calico cats just adore my husband. We have two: a 10 year old and an almost 2 year old dilute calico who spend as much time sitting on his lap as is catly possible.

Carol B said...

I got my first calico, Hazel, in 1996. She is quite the sweetie, snuggling next to me to sleep. She hissed at the gray tabbie for a few years and now they are best buddies!