January 19, 2010

How Do You Say "Cat Lady" in Polish?

Cat Lady Marta's website "Chabrowa Legenda" (in Polish) is all about the beautiful and rare cat breed the Chartreux.

Chartreux are similar to the British Blue Shorthair (like our friends Wendell and William). The name of Marta's website "Chabrowa Legenda" means "Cornflower Legend" and refers to the beautiful blue color of the lush fur of these cats.

According to the Cat Fancier's Association, "There exists a lovely old legend that the Chartreux lived with, and were named for, the Carthusian monks of France, and perhaps even shared a tipple or two of their famous Chartreuse liqueur! Recent research, however, indicates that because of the woolly character of their fur, they were given the same name as a well known Spanish wool of the early 18th century. Since this method of naming is common in animal husbandry, it is very likely the truth."

Oh, by the way, Marta tells us that "cat lady" in Polish is "kicia mama"!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting story and gorgeous cats, Susan!

Marta said...

Thank you Susan, it is so nice:)