January 12, 2010

A Couple of Sweethearts

Beagle mix Susie and her pal Sabrena are two lucky pups. Lori tells how these two canine cuties came to live with Lori and Lesley:

"Susie was part of a major rescue from an animal hoarder. We met her by accident when I accompanied a friend to the shelter [The Humane Society of Missouri]. Susie's crate was marked 'special needs' (presumably due to poor socialization) and we just couldn't get her out of our minds. She's been with us since Thanksgiving 2003.

"Sabrena came to our attention thanks to the adoption specialist we met with Susie. She called to say there was this really special little dog who was so scared they couldn't even keep her at the shelter. She'd been rescued from an abusive situation with at least one sibling. We adopted her in July 2004 and have been working with her to ease her fear of most things. She's spent the past year in 'Shy Dog' classes where we've learned that she LOVES to learn new things. It's been wonderful seeing her blossom and been a great bonding experience for all of us."

Susie and Sabrena have been taking their training classes at the same facility they were adopted from. Lori describes the Humane Society of Missouri as " a good bunch of folks doing a really hard job". I think the same could be said for Lori and Lesley, don't you agree?

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