January 9, 2010

Birthday Twins...A Good Investment

Cat Lady Ann knows a thing or two about good investments:

"I adopted Fred [orange tabby, pictured above] from my investment broker - needless to say, best investment I made with him. Fred was born
April 30, 1995. I named him Fred ('Frederick' when he gets in trouble) since the cat I had at that time was named Barney - what else could I do? :o) Fred is a big, beautiful, green-eyed orange tabby, very social, a real lap-cat."

Another excellent investment: A feline fella!!

"One of my requirements in a man was that he had to like cats and Sam [handsome gentleman, pictured above] had a cat when I met him. Her name was Misty. I had two cats, Fred and Pierre. We all became one family in June 2002.

"We adopted Edmund [also pictured above], sometimes known as Mr. Ed, Eddie or just plain Ed, July 1, 2008. His mother was a stray that arrived at a friend's house and a few months later on April 29th left very pregnant, so my friend believes she had the kittens the next day,
April 30th. She never expected to see the mom cat again but a few weeks later mom and her four kittens appeared outside her kitchen window. She took care of them until they were ready to be adopted. We lost a cat from a heart blood clot in April and were ready to adopt - so we took a look and came home with Edmund, a mix but looks like a chocolate point Siamese. Quite a handsome fellow with gorgeous blue eyes."

Although birthday twins Fred and Ed were born 14 years apart, obviously their stars were aligned just right to land in such a loving home with Cat Lady Ann and Feline Fella Sam!

This portrait was commissioned by Daughter-In-Law Natasha. Be sure to visit her delightful blog: Samster Mommy- Crafting, Cooking, and Chaos from Mommyland. You'll find lots of great craft tutorials and recipes for the busy mom!

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Loni Edwards said...

This is so sweet! A neat story to go along with such a fun illo.