November 11, 2009

Cat Lady No.308...Gobble Green Idea No. 4

Cat Lady Belinda and her Siamese sidekick Dora will be entertaining 11 guests on Thanksgiving, and have resolved to make the day as earth-friendly as possible by: Reducing--buying products with the least amount of packaging and choosing biodegradable paper packaging over plastic; Re-using--no paper plates or other throw-aways; and Recycling and Composting everything possible at the end of the day.

For decorations, Belinda plans to make these gorgeous candlelight luminaries as featured on They are made from recycled tin cans, and Belinda will send one home with each guest.

In the mean time, Dora is hoping to recycle this box into her very own private napping spot, which she will certainly need after helping out with the turkey on Turkey Day!


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