November 6, 2009

Cat Ladies 302 and 303...Gobble Green Idea No. 1

Cat Lady Rebecca and her sister-in-law Roxie have decided to make their Thanksgiving meal a little more earth-friendly by becoming "Locavores" (also known as "Localvores").That means eating foods grown locally and in season.

When you eat locally-grown foods, it means that the food has fewer food miles, meaning the carbon emissions associated with local foods are smaller. An added benefit is that the food is fresher and picked at peak ripeness, meaning more nutrition valu
e for you and your family!

For Thanksgiving menu ideas, visit the 100 Mile Diet website, where you will find links to localvore recipes.

Feline friends Pippi and Chipotle have their own ideas about eating local and have high hopes of catching something right outside their back doors....Doesn't get any fres
her than that!

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Dena E's Blog said...

I so see why your designs are popular, you go girl..Its so fun to say that,,hhehehe!!
Hugs Dena