October 2, 2009

Cat Lady No. 271...An Autumn Riddle

Cat Lady Gwyneth and Lord Bigglesworth have a riddle for you:

What do autumn leaves and ripening bananas have in common?

Some clues can be found at
Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Still not sure? Here is the answer as explained by Science Made Simple:

The green color in unripe bananas comes from chlorophyll, the same pigment that gives green leaves their color. As bananas ripen, the chlorophyll breaks down and disappears, revealing the yellow color which has been there all along. The yellows and oranges of autumn leaves are also revealed as their chlorophyll breaks down.

Now go have some fun and jump into that big pile of leaves. You know you want to...

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missbreezysbox said...

I would love to, but I lost my trees a few years ago. They were apricot on one side and peaches on the other. They seasoned different times. I think I picked up 8 bags of leaves every fall. Previous home owner knew what she was doing, I didn't. Interesting about the chlorophyll. Thanks for the education. Do you make a serious of cards. Would love some. Maybe season themed or similar paintings in the set.