September 29, 2009

Cat Lady No. 268...Sweater Weather

Cat Lady Kyra and feline friend Delilah can't wait for fall weather to begin...

For Kyra, it means pulling all of her aran sweaters out of the cedar chest.

The Aran Sweater gets its name from the islands where it originated many generations ago, off the West coast of Ireland. The Islanders were fishermen and farmers and each family had their own particular pattern, a unique combination of stitches, which was closely guarded and passed down from mother to daughter, generation to generation.

Here is a sampling of Aran patterns and their meanings: Aran Patterns

As for Delilah, autumn weather means that there is a greatly increased chance that a soft, warm sweater might be forgotten in a nice warm spot where she might curl up for a long, warm nap...

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ValGalArt said...

Delightful and informative! The cats are hilarious :)

Loni Edwards said...

Love it!