September 24, 2009

Cat Lady No. 264 and Cat Lad No. 265...Classic Greek Cat Lovers

How do you say "cat lady" in Greek? Today's lesson comes from Cat Lady Victoria and her Feline Fella Dimitris. They share their home in Greece with Pavlas, Chouzouris, Telias, Ruby, and Bez.

First, a little background from Victoria:

"All my five cats are ex- stray cats, either abandoned in the streets or found in the streets in bad condition.

"My black cat, Chouzouris, was born in the island of Folegandros. I visited Folegandros on vacation in 2003 and found him crying out loud 'cause his mother was not close. He was crying for two days outside my hotel window and on the 3rd day I couldn' t resist and adopted him. I have never regretted it ever since.

"My last cat, Beize, was a stray cat that I used to feed outside of my house. I took her in to have her neutered and found out that she was deaf. I realized then that she would not be able to survive in the streets and decided to adopt her.

"One of the problems here in Greece is that there are too many stray cats (and dogs). I wanted to help all these animals and do something for them. That' s why I created Gatospito: and

"Gatospito means 'Cat House' in Greek. Gatospito is an online forum and community for cat lovers in Greece. Gatospito has been online for about 2 years and comprises of 1400 members. All the members share cat stories and dare to talk about their furry companions! Also, we try to help many stray animals, by offering food and/or medical help."

Thanks, Victoria! Obviously loving and devoted cat ladies are pretty much the same wherever you might find them around the globe!

Oh and by the way, "Cat Lady" in Greece is "Κυρία των Γάτων" ===> Kyria ton Gaton!


missbreezysbox said...

Uh, How is that pronounced? Looks like a tongue twister. What a wonderful story and portrait.

ralou said...

"keria ton gaton" we pronounse it in greek.
We may also say "gatomama" [gatomama], which meens "mother of cats"