September 10, 2009

Cat Lady No. 250...Something Fishy

Just ask Cat Lady Mirabelle and her trio of finicky feline gourmands: there's nothing like a great fish dinner.

But lately Mirabelle has become concerned about the state of the seafood she and the cats consume. As the Nature Conservancy recently pointed out in its Cool Green Science blog: "Our oceans contain some of Earth’s most imperiled habitats.

Shellfish beds, coral reefs and seagrass meadows once bustling with life have been depleted, and critical fish stocks have plummeted. Less than 1 percent of our oceans are currently protected. There’s even a giant garbage patch twice the size of Texas floating in the Pacific."

It's enough to make a cat gag on her tuna souffle.

Luckily, Mirabelle found a list of 10 things she can do right now to make a difference, including:

  • Reduce plastic consumption
  • Choose earth-friendly cleaners and detergents
  • Buy local and organic to reduce pesticides and toxins that wind up in your food and in oceans
  • Choose sustainable seafood at your restaurant and market (use this handy Seafood Watch Pocket Guide)
For the complete list of tips with helpful links, visit
Marine Conservation:What You Can Do

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