September 1, 2009

Cat Lady No. 241...The Early Bird Triumphs!

Cat Lady Lorene and calico pal Quincy are pleased to announce the winner in the 365 Cat Ladies Giveaway for August.

The random number generator landed on comment No. 1, proving that the early bird does indeed sometimes catch the worm!

That makes Danielle the lucky winner of her choice of one of the tote bags pictured below.

Her Cat Haiku was a tribute to the five fabulous felines that she shares her home with:

Bailey, Cassie and Phantom,
Pru and Madeline

My five awesome cats

As Danielle tells it: "I live with my five kitties: Bailey, a big brown tabby boy, and his sister Cassie, a petite tabby girl, whom I got when they were 8 weeks old and who will be 6 in December; Phantom, a handsome black & white tux boy, and his sister Pru, a gorgeous classic patterned brown tabby, whom I got when they were 3 months old and who are 3 years old now; and Madeline, a tiny but ornery brown tabby Maine Coon mix, whom I got when she was 3 weeks old and who is now 2. They are all rescue kitties and I don't know how I wasn't completely lonely before I got them."

Danielle works for the Fancy Cats Rescue Team of Virginia, where she adopted three of her five kitties.

"We don't have a facility, so we do all of our work through our dedicated volunteers who foster cats in their homes, care for cats that we have in adoption centers at area Petsmart stores, and fill all of the other positions that keep the group running. Our Executive Director has more than 20 years of rescue experience..."

Please support this great Cat Rescue team if you are able to! Thanks for visiting!

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