August 29, 2009

Cat Lady No. 238..Teacher's Pet's Pets

It's time for Cat Lady and Elementary School Teacher Kristie to get ready to go back to school with the help of terrific tabby Olive. But as Kristie is prepping her stuffed animals for the annual trip back to their beloved second grade classroom, Olive manages to sneak them out of the bags for one last bite and tussle!

"I swear Olive can sniff out a stuffed animal anywhere," Kristie says. "It's uncanny."

Olive loves her stuffed animal buddies and would prefer that they stay at home with her instead of making the trek back into the classroom for the students. However, Olive knows that the children will take good care of them and love them, just like she does. Well, except for the bite and tussle thing!

Kristie and her husband, Justin (also a teacher) have enjoyed Olive's shenanigans for the past four years. Olive shares her home with her kitty sisters Gracie (eight), Lily (three), KitKat (one), and her brother, GrayBoy (five).

When not teaching in the classroom or scratching cat chins at home, Kristie loves crafting and has a wonderful online shop at full of her colorful creations. Be sure to check out

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Linda said...

Aw, so cute.