August 5, 2009

Cat Lady No. 214...A Green Barbeque

As Darci was preparing for the annual backyard barbeque extravaganza in honor of Kitty Queen Simba's birthday, she was shocked to learn that the estimated 60 million Americans who barbequed on the 4th of July released some 225,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, burned the equivalent of 2,300 acres of forest and consumed the same amount of energy that the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, uses in a year.


So Darci was quite pleased to find some tips for greening up her barbeque practices on the Nature Conservancy website.

  • Use reusable or biodegradable plates and utensils. If you can't find those, at least go for products made from 100 percent recycled materials. Remember that your biodegradable plates will need to be cleaned before going in the compost bin — ketchup, hamburger grease and other-non-veggie food matter doesn't compost.
  • Encourage recycling by putting out easily identifiable bins — you'll find fewer bottles and cans smeared with ketchup in the garbage.
  • Use gas, propane or electric grills, which aren't perfect but burn more efficiently and cleaner than charcoal or wood. If you have a charcoal grill, make sure you burn natural lumps, not briquettes, and don't use more than you need.
  • Grill locally grown veggies! While local doesn't necessarily mean organic, small farms are often more likely to be more sustainable and pesticide-free.
For more great tips, visit this link: Top Ten Ways to Green Your Barbeque Party

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you're blog is great! I have been on the lookout for creative cat blogs and looks like i found one! :)