August 3, 2009

Cat Lady No. 212...A Martha Kind of Day

In honor of Cat Lady Martha's birthday today, Cat Lady Genevive did not bake tiramisu cupcakes from scratch, did not re-pot her dahlias, did not make organic compost tea, did not design a designer photo album, did not make a fruit salad inside a watermelon rind, and did not run a business empire the size of a small kingdom.

But what Cat Lady Genevive DID do in honor of her favorite Domestic Godesses' birthday was to make this charming felt catnip mouse for her cat companion Ziegfried. All by hand. And with organic catnip.

Ziegfried couldn't be happier. It's a good thing.

To see some wonderfully creative handmade felt catnip toys, visit this link at Modern Cat , plus you can enter to win one for yourself!

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Cat Lady ACEO

1 comment:

justdoodleit said...

This cat has caught a mouse and that dead mouse looks kinda cute!