July 10, 2009

Cat Lady No. 189...Cats in History

Cat Lady Ingrid loves to cuddle up with her Maine Coon Tabby Mom Teddi and her new kitten Roosevelt.

Ingrid is a history buff and enjoys the fact that pets and animals often figure prominently in art and history through the ages.

Tonight she is reading out loud the charming letters of Theodore Roosevelt written to his children, and one in particular is of special interest:

ARLING QUENTIN: When we shifted camp we came down here and found a funny little wooden shanty, put up by some people who now and then come out here and sleep in it when they fish or shoot. The only living thing around it was a pussy-cat..."

Read the rest of the letter at this wonderful website: The Pet Museum
You'll find many more stories and art featuring pets from the annals of history.

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