June 29, 2009

Cat Lady No. 178...Helping Cats and Their People

Calico Crazy Cat Lady Dee-Dee is enjoying a group hug with new Cat Mom Beatrice and her three precious kittens, all rescued from a local cat rescue facility.. (Don't delay, neuter or spay!)

Dee-Dee and Beatrice are grateful for all of the loving volunteers who keep cat rescue groups and services going. One such volunteer is Cat Lady Marilyn of ACAT. She reports:

"I work with a foster-based no-kill rescue group here in Albuquerque, NM. I started out as an adoption center volunteer and have moved up to foster coordinator and now operations. We are called Albuquerque Cat Action Team and take in rescued cats and owner surrenders to find them new homes for whatever reasons.

"I also foster kittens and have added to my brood and am now up to 9 in my family. Luckily my adult cats have been accepting of the newcomers and take them under their wings when needed.

"I answer the voice mail messages and email messages about cats needing to be rescued or re-homed and try to help as many as we can. It might not change the whole world but for one cat it will change their world for the better. This is all I do day in and day out since I am retired and find joy in helping the needy cats in the Albuquerque area. Our motto is “Helping Cats and Their People” and we have been around for 9 years now and have adopted out about 300 cats every year and have earned a good reputation in the Albuquerque area."

Thanks Marilyn!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Marilyn!! Im Jennifr and also volunteer with Marilyn as Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinators. It is an awesome job that we do! We are very passionate about what we do! Jen