June 26, 2009

Cat Lady No. 175...Down On The Farm

If you were to ask Tyrone the Tabby this question: "Were you born in a barn?"...he would proudly answer "Meroww!

(Translation: "Yes I was, ain't it grand!")

He takes great pride in helping Country Gal Cat Lady Judy grow a number of different crops on her organic farm.

Here are 10 good reasons to grow, buy and eat organic, according to the Organic Trade Association:

  1. Organic products meet stringent standards
  2. Organic food tastes great!
  3. Organic production reduces health risks
  4. Organic farms respect our water resources
  5. Organic farmers build healthy soil
  6. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature
  7. Organic producers are leaders in innovative research
  8. Organic producers strive to preserve diversity
  9. Organic farming helps keep rural communities healthy
  10. Organic abundance – an ever-growing selection to choose from, foods and non-foods alike!
Happy gardening and thanks for visiting!

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