May 16, 2009

Cat Lady No. 134...Huggable

Cat Crazy Darci Ann can't resist hugging her favorite fluffball Frankie Fuzzface. He is particularly silky and huggable after his monthly bath, something often recommended for Persian cats.

The art of cat-bathing is particularly challenging, considering that water and cats usually don't mix. And then there is that matter of very sharp teeth and claws.

At first Frankie Fuzzface felt that being wet was very undignified. But he decided it was worth the indignity, once he discovered the joy of blow-drying...

Darci Ann found some useful tips for cat grooming at this website:
How To Bathe Your Cat

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1 comment:

Linda said...

I have friends who "wash their 2cats" because they're allergic. Mine are 7 and 17 and I wouldn't dare to try it.