April 29, 2009

Cat Lady No. 118...When I'm 64

As the newest members of the
Society for the Preservation and Advancement of Waltzing with Cats, Cat Lady Janice and her calico cutie Ophelia spend a lot of time practicing their slow dance steps. But their first love is be-bopping to Beatles music.

Though she doesn't realize it, Janice has had a crush on Paul for almost half a century. Like all of the other girls, she thought he was the cutest Beatle, and never dreamed that he (or she) would actually grow old, even when singing along to the song "When I'm 64".

And although decades have seemingly whizzed by, Janice doesn't mind. She and Ophelia will continue to waltz, and be-bop, and dream of marrying Paul someday...as she imagines the cutest Beatle helping her to blow out 64 candles in just a few short weeks...

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