February 20, 2009

Cat Lady No. 51...Basic Instincts

Loving Cat Lady and freelance illustrator Mildred was recently delighted to discover Illustration Friday, a website that presents a theme each week, then encourages illustrators to submit an illustration about that theme.

This week's theme is "Instinct", so Mildred plans to make an illustration of new Cat Mom Dottie and her four precious kittens, all just rescued from a local shelter!

It's a very basic instinct for cats to want to have kittens so Mildred knows how important it is to have Dottie and her kittens spayed and neutered as soon as it is possible. She learned that Spay Day USA is on Tuesday, February 24, and found a low-cost spay clinic through very helpful links on their website.

In the mean time, Mildred's instinct is to love and cuddle and enjoy all of her new bundles of joy!

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Diana Evans said...

what fun!!! and welcome to IF!!!

ArtSparker said...

Lovely painting coupled with helpful information

Bobo's Slave said...

Lovely cats, beautiful painting!

Indigene said...

Lovely painting and thoughtful post!

Caroline said...

What a lovely illustration - love your cat ladies!