February 16, 2009

Cat Lady No. 47...Hail To Perspicacity!

Cat Lady Mabel and feline friend Abraham are bibliophiles; in other words, they are hooked on books. Today they are reading President Obama's autobiography Dreams From My Father in honor of Presidents Day, and find it quite inspiring.

is particularly delighted to have a President who has such a beautiful command of the English language and speaks so articulately and with such elegance.

Mabel loves words: obscure words, funny words, multi-syllabic words. Her favorite word today is
perspicacious. She believes that our new president is perspicacous and hopes you will look it up in the dictionary, because it is a fun word to use once in awhile.

Abraham loves words too. A few favorites that he enjoys hearing are tuna, sun beams, and out bad dog. Abraham likes to think that he is perspicacious too.
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