February 10, 2009

Cat Lady No. 41...More Snow!

Cat Lady Norah and her Himalayan beauty Priscilla PrettyPaws always wear matching striped scarves when sledding. Imagine their delight when they awoke this morning to find a fresh blanket of snow.

There's nothing like sailing down a slope at breakneck speed with the wind in your whiskers. It's especially nice when you have such a luxurious winter coat, not to mention a tres chic scarf that Norah's 92-year-old grandmother knitted by hand...

When not sledding, Nora and Priscilla PrettyPaws enjoy sitting by the fireplace and looking at their ever-growing collection o
f ACEOs, a type of artist trading card. They are the size of baseball cards and are fun and easy to collect by going to places like Etsy.com. For more information on art trading cards, go to: ACEO

It just so happens that this hand-painted portrait of Norah and Priscilla IS an ACEO trading card and it is for sale on my Etsy site: www.SusanFaye.etsy.com
These very affordable mini watercolor paintings are adorable when framed and arranged in a grouping!

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