January 6, 2009

Cat Lady No. 6....Warm Hearts

The "Giving Season" may be over for some, but Cat Lady and knitting enthusiast Marta and KiKi Kitty exercise their generous hearts all year round.

Today they are delivering hand-knitted gifts to patients at a convalescent hospital down the street.
KiKi is happy to donate her favorite polka dot scarf if it means getting scratched behind the ear by an adoring recipient.

Tomorrow they will collect unused blankets and warm coats from neighbors and donate them to a homeless shelter downtown. Marta's and KiKi's warm hearts keep them toasty as they walk all the way home through a magical snowfall...

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Marta and Kiki can be found on a variety of warm sweatshirts, cocoa mugs, and note cards at: www.cafepress.com/SusanFaye.

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