January 27, 2009

Cat Lady No. 26...Well-Groomed

Feline Fanatic April and her handsome Himalayan Rochester hope to win Best of Show in the regional Cat Show this weekend.

Rochester loves to be groomed, which is a good thing, because April faithfully brushes and combs his thick and silky fur each and every day, wearing her personal Cat Grooming Apron pictured below. Rochester is less enthusiastic about the weekly baths, but enjoys being fluffed up with the warm hair dryer at the end.

April is inspired by her favorite domestic goddess Martha who owns seven Himalayan cats named after composers. ''They are friendly and affectionate but not demanding; they are quiet and easy to care for; and they get along well with people and other animals,'' Ms. Stewart wrote about her cats in the ''Ask Martha'' section of her Martha Stewart Living magazine in February 1999.

April would love to have that many Himalayan cats, but only if she too had a personal grooming sta
ff. Rochester thinks that one Himalayan is more than enough for any household...

The purr-fect Cat Grooming Apron comes with your choice of over 100 different cat ladies. Ties at neck and waist. Two center-stitched bottom compartment pouches for keeping tools handy. 35% Cotton / 65% polyester blend, twill fabric. Machine washable and guaranteed.
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1 comment:

High On Craft said...

Dear April, I have a long-haired cat who doesn't give much thought to her appearance and is not a fan of being brushed. Bathing is out of the question. I admire your dedication to Rochester's grooming and would not be at all surprised if he wins Best in Show.

Great post Susan. I just love your cat ladies.