January 24, 2009

Cat Lady No. 24...Siamese Twins

Proud Siamese Cat Lady Phoebe and Proud Cat Mom Jasmine are enjoying the newest additions to the household--twins!

When Phoebe decided she wanted a Siamese cat, she joined the Siamese
Internet Cat Club and discovered that there were dozens of unwanted Siamese cats in shelters and other situations. Through their website, she found sweet Jasmine, who happened to be expecting, and brought her home.

Phoebe will enjoy the thrill of kitten antics for six weeks, then will find loving homes for the twins using the services of SIAMESE RESCUE.

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High On Craft said...

Hi Susan. What a joy to have discovered your art today. I've decided to start collecting original ACEO's of cats and kittens -being a "cat lady" myself - and your shop came up in my etsy search. Your work is WONDERFUL! I will definitely be following your blog to stay on top of all 365 cat ladies!!