January 1, 2009

Cat Lady No. 1...Happy New Year!

Cat Lady Juliette and her faithful feline companion Rupert Ripsnort have donned their finest party attire and now await the arrival of their honored guests. Due to Juliette's herbivore tendencies, attendees will dine on a selection of vegetarian delicacies...with the exception of appetizers featuring the finest tuna available, selected by Rupert,
seafood connoisseur.

Bon Apetit and All the Best for a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!

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Send me your Cat Lady story: If I use it in this blog, you will receive a free Susan Faye Cat Lady Refrigerator Magnet. Send a brief story and description of cat lady and cat to: art@undertheoaks.net with "Cat Lady" in the subject line.

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