January 19, 2009

Cat Lady No. 19...Let's Party!

Cat Lady Darshana and feline friend Damini always enjoy a good birthday party, especially when it involves confetti and balloons.

Today the confetti is flying in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. As an American whose grandparents were immigrants from India, Darshana greatly admires the work of Dr. King. He reminds her of another great hero of hers: Mahatma Gandhi, who also was a man of great vision and inspiration. As Darshana tells Damini: "Both men believed in peaceful resistance to tyranny and were able to accomplish great things for humankind using this principle. In India this principle is called satyagraha, a word coined by Ghandi to mean truth-force or love-force or soul-force."

Damini appreciates the history lesson, but thinks it's time to break out the birthday cake and tuna. This party animal wants to party!

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