January 16, 2009

Cat Lady No. 16...Terrific Tabby Tamer

What could be more fun than an armful of tiger kittens?

Cat Lady Tanya has her hands full with Cat Mom Tabitha and her litter of tabby kittens, just adopted from the local shelter. As Tanya often says, "Don't delay, neuter or spay"...
Luckily for these kittens, Tanya will lovingly care for them until each one has a new home.

Out of curiosity, Tanya looked up "Tabby" on the internet, and was surprised to learn that Tabby doesn't refer to a breed of cats, but to the particular pattern of markings on any given cat with stripes or spots. In fact, quite a few recognized breeds include the tabby markings.

And Tanya further discovered that within the category of "Tabby" there are quite a few variations of the patterns with exotic names like "agouti (ticked)", rosetted", "mackerel", "marbled", and "classic".

Tabbies also come in many color variations: brown, blue, red (really more of an orange...), cream or silver.

If you would like to learn more, here is an interesting article that Tanya found:
The Glorious Tabby

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